Has the Hipster Fad Put Hipsters in the Mainstream?

Hipsters try to stay out of the mainstream, but the popularity of being a hipster incidentally may have made them stuck right in the middle of its current. Hipsters may not follow the latest trends and fashions, but being a hipster has become a fad in itself.  Also, they may not associate themselves with what’s “cool” by the majority or identify themselves as popular, but they are all the rage right now and it is hard to deny the signs that it’s becoming more common to be different than normal. Are hipsters still outside the cultural mainstream or are they changing what it means to be mainstream?

First, what exactly is a hipster? Here are a few insights and definitions:

  • A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream (Google).
  • usually young person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way; someone who is hip (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).
  • The hipster subculture is one of affluent or middle class young Bohemians who reside in gentrifying neighborhoods broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift-store bought clothes), generally progressive political views,  organic and artisanal foods, and alternative lifestyles (Wikipedia).
  • Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter (Urban Dictionary).

All of these definitions have similar points; mainly that hipsters enjoy things that aren’t generally considered popular. But, though they used to not be popular, does that still hold true today? I’m not so sure. Independent thinking is also a main topic addressed. Liberalistic ideals have always been popular within the younger 20’s to lower 30’s. And finally, many of the definitions mention a love for alternative, indie clothing and music. These are both things that have become a staple for younger age groups. As a result, I am starting to feel that hipsters are no longer a minority. I am definitely not saying this is a bad thing, because I fall within this group. Rather, I am saying that this is a good thing and we should embrace the growing interest of all things considered to be hipster.

However, I do have one issue with the concept of being a hipster: though there is a sense of belonging and communality within the group, it can be isolating. Being against the mainstream is not a bad ideal to have if practiced correctly. When it becomes hurtful is when it creates a in-group (hipsters) and an out-group (those in the mainstream). I agree many things that fall within the mainstream are unoriginal and display a lack of creativity, but instead of shutting those individuals out, it may be more beneficial to include them and instead of being coarse or abrasive, share with them your favorite song, share your polaroid collection, or take them to your favorite local brewery or clothing store. The beautiful thing about all things hipster is that they seem or are honest. Since honesty is a concept that is valued by many, it speaks for itself and most likely will entice them. What I am trying to get at is that it is my hope that this hipster subgroup eventually disappears and becomes the mainstream.

Whether you like it or not, it already is making the transition. Local eateries, clothing stores, and coffee shops are popping up on every corner. Record stores are booming with customers and they are making a comeback. Indie music can be heard on popular music stations and are charting on the billboards. It’s bleeding into everything and anything and that’s because it has not only become a fad but a lifestyle that a lot of people enjoy. Instead of trying with all our might to keep it from becoming the majority, maybe we should share the love and the beauty of what it means to be a hipster. Hipsters are no longer a minority, they are a large group of intellectuals, philosophers, enthusiasts, music lovers, creators, etc. and they are quickly growing within the population. Though they don’t swim with the majority up the mainstream, they all swim together against it and many people are choosing to turn around and do the same; a single-minded group that is changing the direction of what’s cool, in-the-know, and in fashion and though people are catching on and it’s becoming more popular that doesn’t discount that fact that it’s still awesome to be part of a group that is so influential.

Photo Gallery: Doll House Horror

Ever since movies like Chucky and Anabelle, our fear for dolls, though it might be silly and irrational, is all too real. It’s all in their eyes; though stagnant, they always seem to follow you. Something about their creepy presence inspired me and I really wanted to capture their uncanny ability to make you feel uneasy, even though they are meant to be a calming, likable toy for young girls. So, without further ado, here is my Grandma’s beloved doll collection that I have made to look like a bunch of little monsters (Sorry Grandma!).











An Epic Past Two Weeks With the Release of New Songs from Cage The Elephant and Weezer

Cage The Elephant is known for messing around, especially on stage and I mean that as a compliment. They mess around with their sounds, melodies, and stage presence in all the best ways. All too fitting to the band and their image, Cage The Elephant recently released a single “Mess Around,” that is to be featured on their future album, Tell Me I’m Pretty (to be released on December 18th), and trust me, though the title would make you think otherwise, they were not messing around when they made this song.

Their sound is a wee bit different from their previous album, Melophobia but when it comes to Cage the Elephant, you expect consistency in the quality of their works, but not the overarching sound of their albums; They masterfully experiment with their music and aren’t content with being constant and typical. The one thing that is being said over and over again is that this song is reminiscent of some of the works that The Black Keys have produced, which I do hear some similarities, but it’s not a bad thing to be compared to one of the biggest names in alternative rock world. When you find out that The Black Keys producer, Dan Auerbach, collaborated with Cage The Elephant on this single, it also starts to make a lot of sense as to why they sound so similar.

Outkast also influenced the band to create a song like “Mess Around.” The band wanted to encompass that upbeat, charismatic personality from works like Outkast’s into an alternative rock album. This collaboration of genres created a very interesting sound. Though I don’t believe Cage The Elephant ever needed inspiration in the department of “infectious energy,” I do believe that Outkast’s influence created a blend of genres and techniques that is very peculiar and addicting to one’s ear. One thing is sure, Cage The Elephant is still at the forefront of the rock genre. They always have new tricks up their sleeve and you’ll never find yourself bored while listening to them.

Listen below to the new single.

Also with a new release is alternative rock band, Weezer. This review will be short and sweet. As always, they are lovable goofballs in their newest single, “Thank God For Girls.” The video is nothing short of what you’d expect from Weezer; it’s epic madness and full of many weird moments. The lyrics are witty, full of humor, and just plain fun to sing along to. For example, “She’s so big. She’s so strong, She’s so energetic in her sweaty overalls, Thank God for girls.” It’s exactly what you’d expect from Weezer, but who’s complaining. Warning, the video is a little disgusting, so if you are easily made queasy by slobs you may want to close your eyes and just listen.

Listen to their new single below.

These two bands are loved within their fan bases; they are both eclectic and they are true originals. These songs are only a taste of what is to come from Cage The Elephant and Weezer and I don’t know about you but I’m already left wanting more.

He Is Legend Plans to Release New Album through Crowd Funding Project

Crowd-funding project platforms have helped many bands dreams become realities. Without their existence, albums may not have been made and bands may have fell through the cracks of the music business. They also come in handy for bands who want to make an album without being guided or confined by a record label. Crowd funding project platforms are successful due to the fact that they are mutually beneficial to both the band and the fans. Fans get more of the music they love and bands get to keep playing the music they love. It’s an ideal win-win situation for everyone. One band that is using this platform is beloved rock mayhem, He Is Legend. They have put blood and sweat into their previous works, fell into the hands of a record label, and now they are ready to go at it on their own and look to their fans for the recognition and help they have warranted over the years.

They searched for a new way to fund the money for the album and they, like many other bands before them, turned to Indiegogo. In the grand scheme of things, they really aren’t asking for much and are hoping to raise a total of $50,960 to fund the production of the album. He Is Legend has made it clear that they used this as a last resort and that your contributions will not go unrewarded by stating, “Obviously new music from us is the most important thing we can offer you, but we’ve also put together ideas for tangible goods so you will have something to show for your contribution. We are partnering with some of our artisan friends who have made a name for themselves through their passions in design and manufacturing to offer you exclusive He Is Legend merch that will only be available through this campaign. These items are handmade here in America and will be made just for you. No matter what you are able to donate to the cause, you will be rewarded for your generosity.  And if you can only afford to give a dollar, you will still have something to show for it and we will be forever grateful.”  I couldn’t agree any less. He Is Legend’s music in itself is a gift; One that fans will undoubtedly cherish. The other upside is the fact that you don’t walk away empty-handed. There are options to support them by purchasing albums and other merchandise bundles, which include awesome pieces of artwork. If you don’t have the money to front for any of the offers, any little bit can help and will go a long way to help He Is Legend meet their goal. So far they have they raised a lot (as seen in the image below), but they still need your help to make this album a reality.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.14.00 PM

He Is Legend produces solid, cohesive albums, but they are much more than a technical band. Their music tells a story and right now they need your help writing their next chapter.

Help fund their next album here:IGG_Logo_Frame_GOgenta_RGB-2-f8565fa188a9dd16fb6c67321150b94e

letlive.: The Original Soul Punx are in a League of Their Own

Letlive. found their origin in Los Angeles, CA with front-man Jason Butler but they reside in the hearts of many around the world due to their infectious charisma, booming stage presence, and unique unmatched sound. They create music that makes you feel good, which is enhanced by their love for soul, but their music also gets your blood pumping with aggressive, in-your-face elements derived from punk and post-hardcore. The result of this combination of soul and punk (With their overarching post-hardcore aura) is a sound you’ve never heard before. Arguably, letlive. has pioneered a new genre called soul punk and it’s a revolutionary sound.

Many of letlive.’s clothing and merchandise have the statement, “Soul Punx” on them (as seen above)

You may be asking yourself, “What is soul punk? Is that even a real thing?” You search Google and nothing comes up. Well, that’s because right now, soul punk has only one possible definition: letlive., and if you want to understand what it means all you have to do is give them a listen. If you want a more technical answer, I’ll break down the two genres for you. Soul is about feeling, emoting that feeling, and translating that message into relatable lyrics. It is also characterized by this infectious, feel-good personality. Soul artists achieve these qualities by techniques, such as call and response, backbeat, and the introduction of percussion and piano elements. Punk, on the other hand, though similar in it’s goals, such as expressing emotion through your vocals, whether that be anger, desperation, or truth, takes a different approach musically. The elements that letlive. takes from the punk genre involve things like a fast-paced tempo, hard-edged melodies, aggressive attitudes within their songs, and high energy music. Though letlive. is not defined generally as a punk band, it is hard to refute the fact that they definitely have the attitude. Whether it be their background roots in post-hardcore or the introduction of soul and punk elements into their music, letlive. embodies bits of pieces of every genre. As a result, they have created some of the most pure and honest music of the generation. See the graphic below for the breakdown.

Letlive Graphic

More specifically, their music is full of energetic drum beats and upbeat, funky guitar riffs that really adds in a flavor of soul to their wonderful musical concoction. Imagine that dash of soul combined with the vocal approach of bands like Rage Against the Machine and The Chariot. If all of that were mixed together, it’d be similar to what letlive. does. But, this should not discount the fact that letlive. is still their own thing. They may be influenced by other sounds and bands, but they are much more than an assimilated band; Yes, they used elements from other bands to help build their own, but they used those elements to create a whole new subset that has yet to be explored by many in the rock universe. Music is about growing from what you love and making it into something that truly speaks to who you are as an artist and that is what letlive. has achieved to embody throughout their albums.

Speaking of albums, they are currently riding the wave that their latest album , The Blackest Beautiful (2013), has elicited within the waters of the post-hardcore genre. I’m not saying that they are stirring up the waters like they are controversial, but rather that they are causing a huge splash with their eclectic, fresh take on the genre. And when you hear songs like “Banshee (Ghost Fame)” and “That Fear Fever” that wave will hit you and the face, and though it will push you back with it’s aggressiveness, it will leave you feeling refreshed afterwards. Their sound really grew within this album from their previous album release, Fake History. Though the previously explained qualities are present, they were evolved and expanded upon further The Blackest Beautiful (Seen in the image below).


If all of this isn’t enough to convince you, just listen for yourself below. You won’t hear one genre in their music, but many. Their influences are clear, but their vision is even stronger. And remember, your eardrums will be getting down the minute those sound waves hit your ears.

Letlive. is considered to be a post-hardcore band by the hardcore/post-hardcore communities, but I believe that they are much more than that. They are much too unique to be confined within that one genre. And in my opinion, they have spearheaded a new realm of their own that is just as full of energy and in-your-face as punk and post-hardcore, but also have beats and techniques that are all-to-characteristic of soul. Regardless of what categories you place them in, letlive. is letlive., there is no one like them, and they are in a complete league of their own. But, music is meant to be shared and it is meant to influence and it is my hope that many others follow their lead and continue to introduce the mantra of “Soul Punx” to the world.

10 Epiphanys That Every Person In Their Mid-20’s Will Have

1. It’s time to get your big boy/girl pants on. All those years of goofing off, having fun in college, and then the real world hits you like a truck in the face. It’s the time for bills not thrills. But, there are pros like a way bigger paycheck. Do you remember getting $500 paychecks and hitting the mall and spending every last penny because you didn’t have anything to pay off? And then you got your first real world job paycheck and realized you could go out and buy MUCH cooler things.

So you started out thinking growing up sucks, most likely blasting this song in your car over and over again…


Then you got your first grown up paycheck and went home to evilly pet your cat while relishing your newly acquired treasure trove.


2. You either have a grasp on your life or you don’t have an absolute clue on what you are doing with your life. There’s absolutely no middle ground here. And like everything in your mid-20’s, your family will pressure you to get a job. Some of you will realize that what you had spent 4 years of absolute utter chaos and studying turned out to be a job that you completely hate and aren’t passionate about at all. For most of you, this isn’t the case. But, for those of you who it is true for, you most likely have no clue at all on what you want to do and that’s okay. You still have a little bit of time left to slow-burn. The main thing is that some of us are 100% set on what they want to do with their life, others of us are just in a crisis finding out exactly what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing; passion or money, that is the question.

So, essentially you will have these two groups down here…


3. Engagements, weddings, and babies, oh my. There are either those of you who are getting an early start on your family life or others of you who are staying away from it like the plague. Mainly, most of us are tired of seeing your pictures. Not because we are bitter, but because we either have other obligations to attend to first or we just aren’t ready to take that leap. Regardless, it’s that time that people get either marriage or baby fever. Your either the chronic bridesmaid/groomsman or your the one tying the knot, the one oh’ing and aw’ing even though you find babies to be little martian raisins or you are completely enamored when you first see your newborn. The Mid-20’s is the time of making serious life choices; some just choose to make them a little bit early and others choose to wait until they hit there 30’s to make them. Still, we all feel the pressure (mainly from our mom’s and grandma’s) to elope or reproduce as soon as we hit that certain age.

4. Many people from high school won’t recognize you. So when you run up to them ferociously waving and enthusiastically smiling, don’t be surprised when it’s returned with a bewildered, “Who are you” look. They’ll just be staring at your from the distance with utter confusion (a lot like the photo below) because honestly life got to some of you, athletic jocks gained weight, the nerds became attractive, and some of you may have just completely altered your look. Either way, we don’t know you anymore (At least in the way we used to).


Jerry is that you? Gosh, you look, um… Great.

5. Working out isn’t as easy and effortless as it used to be. You now have a full-time job, some of you are furthering your education in graduate programs or busy becoming a doctor. Whatever it is, you’ve discovered that working out can fall very short on your list of priorities. You may have also discovered that they call them the glory days for a reason. Your days of sprinting a school record 400 or scoring the game winning touchdown are numbered; That is unless you are one of the few who have kept up with your fitness over the years. Regardless, many of us are huffing and puffing on the treadmills and counting down the minutes until we can return to the comfy solace of our couch and get our Netflix on.

giphy (1)

6. Home appliances, furniture, and decorations bring you pure joy. Christmas time when you were little involved freaking out over your new Power Ranger toy. Now you freakout over that new Ninja Blender your parents got you. You walk TJ Maxx aisles for hours because home decorations make you that high on life. You never thought this would happen but it did… Home appliances, furniture, etc., have all the sudden become exciting and though younger you would ew at this thought, you don’t care and just marvel in the awe of your space, your things, because you bought them with your hard earned money.

Walking into Bed Bath & Beyond like…


7. Nothing matters more than food and sleep. They are life and nothing else matters. You’ll literally take any moment you can get to catch some ZZZ’s or stuff your face. Your best friend or pizza? You are going pizza. Sleep or hitting the bars? You are most definitely going to sleep. It’s not that you are boring. You just had a week of 9-5’s and need a break. And when it comes to making yourself happier about your monotonous life what’s better than some delicious food? Absolutely nothing.


8. Almost everything brings you pure nostalgia. When anything Nick at Nite, Power Rangers, No Doubt, Pokemon, etc. pops up, you can’t help but eek with joy. You believe that growing up a 90’s kid was one of the best things that ever happened to you, because let’s be honest, everything 90’s is pure gold. All these nostalgic feelings in the Mid-20’s is proof that even though you’ve matured and you’ve found who you are, some things just never change.

The face you make to every movie remake, every flashback TV marathon, and when you see limited edition toys from the 90’s….


9. You haven’t quite enough experience to give others advice yet. You know enough, but not enough about life. So, when your younger sibling or friend asks you what to do in regards to some serious matter you may try but you don’t fully know what you are talking about. Mid-20’s have some experience but they probably aren’t the best people to get advice from. Come back to us in like 5-10 years and maybe we will have your answer. giphy

10. But, most of all you realize that you just don’t care what people think anymore. You had spent your earlier years either conforming in the days where Abercrombie and Aeropostale made bank off the popularity construct of middle school or going through an identity crisis in high school during the times when being a little scenester was all the rage. Though all those times have influenced who you are today, you have matured and become a more refined version of yourself. And unlike those days when you were trying to fit in our trying to stand out too much, you’ve maintained more of a grasp on who you are. Most of all, being yourself brings you happiness and honestly we don’t give one ounce of attention to what others think.

giphy (2)

The Mid-20’s are a time when you have figured out who you are but honestly you don’t have a clue what you are going to do with it. Either way, you are freaking awesome and though it’s time for you to grow up, life is getting a little more serious; You don’t have to fully worry about all that stuff until you are 30.

Play by Play of Bring Me The Horizon’s New Album, That’s The Spirit

Bring Me The Horizon’s new album, That’s The Spirit, features 11 new songs. With the early release of “Drown,” “Throne,” and “Happy Song,” anticipation for the album grew high. Well, the wait is over, it’s here, and it’s an awesome, cohesive album, but is it as good as their previous works? Though we’re not sure it is, one thing still holds true: Bring Me The Horizon has this uncanny ability to evolve and experiment with their music in the exact right ways. So, I’m going to break the album down song to song from best to less best, because let’s be honest there is no “worst” when it comes to BMTH’s works. Without further ado, here is the play by play of Bring Me The Horizon’s new album, That’s The Spirit.

#11 Oh No

This song had an 80’s pop feel to it, which was slightly odd. There were instrumental sounds in the song that I’ve never heard come from BMTH, which made the song somewhat intriguing. The main pro to this song is its mellow feel. Maybe I’m too much of a BMTH purist, but this was way too far from their sound and it seemed they somewhat lost themselves in the making of this song. However, the song does leave you feeling good and puts you in the best of spirits.

Listen here.

#9 Run 

The loop track in the back was cool, but it reminded me too much of something from an EDM song and had a tad bit of cheesiness to it; That is my only criticism. However, despite that, it was a solid addition to the album. Maybe it’s just one of those songs that has to grow on you, but it hasn’t fully grown on me yet. The main thing that kept this song from being at the bottom of this list was the fact that it was blatantly different from any other song on the album.

Listen here.

#10 Follow You

Follow You was a song that I had to listen to quite a few times before it grew on me. It didn’t have any moments that really stuck out to me. And out of the bunch of slow melancholic songs, this was the least appealing to me. The one thing that kept this song from falling to the bottom is its emotional appeal and ability to connect with fans.

Listen here.

#8 What You Need

This song had a great beat to it and had some elements from previous BMTH albums. It was slightly more upbeat than other songs on this album and that is what helped it secure the #8 spot. Though it’s not my favorite, it is a strong addition to the album.

Listen here.

#7 True Friends

“True Friends” is just a likable song all around. It’s fun to listen to and it’s fun to sing along to. As a fan, I will admit I’ve had a hard time singing along to BMTH, but “True Friends” is an anthem anyone can jam out to. As choruses go, this song has one of the most catchy on the album. It grabs your attention and keeps it. It’s tone is similar to “Throne” in terms of it’s angry mood, but is a tad (just a tad) less enjoyable to listen to.

Listen here.

#6 Throne

You can really hear the influence of Linkin Park in this song with the use of heavy electronics and looping. This is by far the most popular song off this album, but like “True Friends” and “Blasphemy,” it’s a little repetitive. The element I love most about “Throne” is its power. It’s like a punch to the face, but you’ll love every second of it.

Listen here.

#5 Avalanche

Another great song by Bring Me The Horizon. It didn’t go to tons of awesome places like say “Doomed” or “Happy Song” did, but it was awesome in its own way. I will say that the chorus was well done, but the chorus was well done in every song on this album. The element that really stood out about this song is it’s tempo; It’s slow but just fast enough to keep you on edge.  It kept me at a good, even mood and that is one of it’s strong suits; it’s undeniable consistency.

Listen here.

#4 Blasphemy

Blasphemy made it towards the top almost solely due to the guitar work in the song. Was that a mini solo I heard? That doesn’t happen very often in BMTH songs, if at all and it was a pleasant surprise. The guitar has a whine to it that is offset by Oli’s deep growl and also the heavy bass layered within the song. It’s light but it’s heavy at the same time and it’s a perfect juxtaposition. The only thing that didn’t put this song at the top was the repetitiveness of the track, but it still one of the most solid tracks on the album.

Listen here.

#3 Drown

“Drown” is one of the best “slow” songs BMTH has ever done. You can literally hear the emotion resonating off Oli’s vocal chords. And, to top it all off, it has those haunting choral pieces suspended within it like old BMTH albums. The chorus has a hint of desperation to it. Then,  Oli’s voice falls of the word, “Drown” and it is beautifully painful to listen to. Honestly, one of the most subtle BMTH songs to date. They stripped the song down in all the right ways.

Listen here.

#2 Happy Song

The thing I really love about this song is how it’s drenched in sarcasm. It is filled with dark humor that we can all relate to. In this world, we are told to suck it up and that everything will ultimately be okay, but Happy Song challenges these ideologies. With lyrics like, “But if you sing along a little fucking louder to a happy song. You’ll be just fine,” we see just how idiotic some of our pep talks and modes of cheering ourselves up are. On top of its ability to emotionally connect with individuals and send a message, it is one of the heaviest, probably the heaviest, song on the album. It’s one that makes you want to sing along just a little louder.

Listen here.

#1 Doomed

Ask anyone what the best song off this album is and they usually say, “Happy Song,” or “Throne,” but though popular and great, they aren’t quite on the level of “Doomed.” Holy experimentation. And, did Oli just falsetto? Who knew his regular signing voice had that range? This song not only showcases Oli’s vocal ability but also the bands ability to experiment with their sound while still keeping their signature sound. The loops in this song also add a whole other dimension to the band’s sound, which is incredible. We still get the deep, dark sound we love about BMTH, but they pulled back just the right amount in “Doomed.” Plus, it was one of the most beautifully written pieces of the album in terms of both composure and lyrical content. This song did everything but doom the album; It highly elevated it and, in my opinion, is the best song by far.

Listen here.

So, there it is, the play by play of Bring Me The Horizon’s latest album That’s The Spirit. If I didn’t know the drastic difference in sound from their previous albums was intentional, I may have rated this album differently, but in the end it’s great that they keep you on your toes. They are always evolving and aren’t okay with just coasting by, which is something to really admire about the band. The album is fresh, modern, and is more uplifting than preceding albums. Plus, it’s time for the band to bask in the spotlight a little with a more palatable, “radio-friendly” album. Overall, BMTH’s new album That’s The Spirit was a great way too keep riding the high of Sempiternal and it positively, hands down put me in the spirt.

Album Rating: 8.5/10

Top 10 Moments the Foo Fighters Proved They Are The Best Band on Earth

Saying a band is the best on Earth is a huge deal. But, I’m not just talking about the best in terms of sound, I am also talking about the best in terms of personality, generosity, and their love for their fans. Bands are more than just a group of musicians; They are people who have the ability to affect positive change in the world. The Foo Fighters hands down are the greatest band on Earth on nearly every level. As I get amped up for the Foo Fighters’ show tonight at Klipsch music center, I wanted to take the time to appreciate the Foo’s and the top ten moments they proved that they are indeed the best band on Earth, even if they won’t admit it themselves.


Many of you are probably aware of the time the Foo Fighters let a fan get behind the drum set and rock out with them. I am sure that was one of that guy’s greatest moments in life. It goes to show that they actually pay attention to the crowd and care about their fans deeply. Pat is cheesing in this whole video and it’s great to watch. Everything the Foo Fighters do makes you feel good inside. They are all about giving back to their fans and making sure they know just how much they appreciate them.



The foo fighters transcended music through their HBO documentary, Sonic Highways. The documentary features a new city on each episode to show viewers the musical influences and sounds of different geographical areas in the United States. The show also interviews prominent musical figures of the regions to show how each individual was influenced by their hometowns. Throughout the course of the first season, we see a different side of the Foo’s both in studio and simple, everyday life. It makes them that much more likable. They truly are just five dorks who play music together and that is ultimately the basis of their appeal. They are real people playing real music and that can be seen clearly in Sonic Highways. It goes to show that they are more than just a rock band.


Flashback to the Nirvana days when Dave was sitting behind the drums at every set. But, his drumming days are not over. Not that Taylor Hawkins isn’t awesome, but it’s great to see dave in his “element” on occasion at concerts. He makes a perfect frontman, but it’s great to take it back sometimes to where it all started. Plus, he’s one of the most entertaining, technical drummers out there.


There are many times that the Foo Fighters proved just how humble of a band they are. They haven’t let the fame go to their heads and still see themselves as simple people doing what they love. The following quote really resonated with me and proved just how humble the band is:

“You have to understand, we’re a really simple band. We think we suck and we try really hard to make good records and we practice. We don’t feel like the biggest, best band in the world. We just feel like the same five dorks that were touring in a van 17 years ago, that hasn’t changed.”
– Dave Grohl



When Foo Fighters release a new album, a frenzy occurs. Fans are truly passionate about their music and it shows in both sales and spirit. The thing about the Foo’s albums is that they are all cohesive, well-produced, and creatively conceived albums. It is almost as if they are some sort of musical anomaly. Fans love their consistency and their ability to stay true to themselves as a band. Their whole discography can attest to their miraculous ability to change with the times, but at the same time, manage to still sound like the band we’ve all fell in love with.


The name Foo Fighters makes me think of a band of goofballs and the Foo’s are exactly that. All of the members though serious about their work, don’t take life too seriously and still manage to have fun. You can see it on their faces when they are on stage and you can see it in their actions off stage as well.


And here’s another:



Over the course of history, religious groups have protested rock and roll. Many times bands have spoken out about the protesting, but little have confronted it. The Foo Fighters, however, took the time to “Rickroll” the Westboro Baptist Church that posted themselves outside of one of their concerts and it was glorious.


Talk about dedicated. Dave Grohl broke his leg and they still finished out the concert. To me, this proves just how passionate the Foo’s are about their music and their fans. I can’t imagine the tenacity it took to get over the pain of that broken leg, but all I know is that it was one heck of a triumph for Dave Grohl and the Foo’s. They take the saying “break a leg” to a whole new level.


Between Taylor Hawkin’s face when he’s drumming and Pat Smear’s infectious smile, the Foo Fighters are some of the best in the business at emoting. You not only can hear how passionate they are about music, but you can also see it on their faces. As you can see from the photos below.




They aren’t about being something they aren’t and they don’t filter their words to appease the masses. They are honest with themselves as musicians and their fans. This can especially be shown through their feelings about music. For instance, this quote from Taylor Hawkins:



Many bands play for 30 minutes to an hour, but the Foo Fighters on many occasions have played long past that and deep into the night. They give their fans their all and at the end of the show they have nothing left to give.



Truth is, the Foo Fighter’s were destined to be the greatest band on Earth the minute they decided to become a band. I don’t have to prove it really, even though I just did. They are the Foo Fighters and that’s proof enough.

Concert Series: He Is Legend with Sleepwave at The Thompson House

HEAunnamed2DLINERS: He Is Legend, Sleepwave

TOUR: Stay Out Of The
Water Tour

CONCERT DATE: August 22, 2015

VENUE: The Thompson House. It seems like a regular, old house from the outside until you learn about its history. When it’s not being used as a concert venue, it is used for haunted tours. When you further inspect the outer environment of the venue, it has an ominous aura surrounding it. The tall looming stairs that lead up to the house are somewhat daunting. Then you walk into the venue, and it has this vintage, grungy appeal. Though it’s history and appearance make it a little creepy, you get this odd calm feeling once inside. We made our way up the stairs to the stage, which was setup in a way that allowed the bands to be “intimate” with their fans. The only criticism I would have is that the sound wasn’t very good, but in such a small venue that was expected. Overall, The Thompson House, though haunted, fills you with good spirits. 

CONCERT REVIEW: I already had really high expectations for He Is Legend and Sleepwave in terms of their performance on stage. I have seen Spencer Chamberlain’s infectious energy on stage with Underoath in the past, so I could only imagine how great he’d be on stage with Sleepwave. I, however, underestimated how lively he’d be on stage. You could tell that he really enjoyed performing Sleepwave’s songs and most of all it seemed like he was actually passionate about the music he was putting out there for crowd. I also want to say that Willow Smith has nothing on Spencer when it comes to whipping your hair back and forth. The whole band was great on stage both in sound and energy, but I would really like to give a shoutout to drummer, Jesse Shelley. Sometimes it is hard to see the drummer in the background, especially if you are front and center. But, I urge you to really pay attention to his drumming if you ever go to one of Sleepwave’s shows. Not only is he a technically greunnamedat drummer, he is also an entertaining one. Drummers put on some of the best shows if you really pay attention to them. Overall, Sleepwave sounded almost exactly the same on stage as they do on record, even with the sound issues of the venue. They are one of the best upcoming rock bands out there and after seeing them live I believe that more than ever. Up next, was the main headliner, He Is Legend. You could feel the anticipation buzzing in the room when they were setting up to play. Lead singer, Schuylar Croom, with drink in hand and wisecracks on mind, walked up to the mic and said something along the lines of, “Turn that shit off. No one cares.” (referring to the background rap music playing while the band was setting up). He was right, no one cared about the music and everyone laughed because they knew it was too true. On that note, He Is Legend began playing their first song, “Be Easy” ( I think… I was already tired at that time because I’m apparently too old for shows). All it took was hearing that first song to realize that their set was going to be awesome. The whole time they performed Schuylar broke down into some funky moves, which made watching him sing that much more entertaining. To cap off the night, they ended with a classic, “The Seduction,” and everyone went crazy. Overall, He Is Legend, like Sleepwave, was just as good live as they are on record. At the end of the show, I walked down those looming steps and had one simple question on my mind the whole two hour drive back to Indy, “How aren’t these bands bigger than they are?” I know for a fact, however, that they put on one of the best shows I’ve been to in awhile and I left that haunted house in even greater spirits than when I had arrived.

Catch the rest of the Stay Out Of The Water Tour Here.

7 Modern Rock Albums That Are So Awesome You’ll Question How They Exist

These following 7 modern rock albums are so unbelievable that you’ll question how they exist; Essentially, they are the Lochness monsters and Big Foots of the rock world. When I say modern rock albums, I mean albums that were created within the last seven years or so. These albums aren’t in any particular order, because, as you will hear and see, they are all fantastic in their own, unique ways.



This most recent Architects album is political and heavy. In an interview with Vandala Magazine, Architects lead singer commented, “The lyrics and the messages in the record is all about how we’re all in this world together in time that could be quite scary. How you could become overwhelmed by fear, and how were surrounded by negative, and negative outcomes. The reality is, no matter what happens if the ship starts sinking we are all it together-so that’s the kind of vibe of it.” Most of the time band’s with messages tend to accidentally shove them in your face, but Architects album Lost Forever // Lost Together allows the music to do all the talking. Their breakdowns are some of the most aggressive out there. They may figuratively beat you up a little bit, but you’ll love every second of it.

Top Song: “Naysayer”

Preview the full album here:  


sleepwave_brokencompass_coverHere I go sounding like a broken record. I always promote Sleepwave on my lists, but there is a reason for it. Broken Compass is one of the few albums you can listen to and think, “This is an honest album.” When I say honest, I mean that this album is a true representation of the artists who made it. A lot of the time in the music business, artists and bands will bend to the hand of what’s popular and lose all sense of creative control, but not Sleepwave and this is very obvious in their debut album. Beside all that, Sleepwave’s album is what I’d picture the future of alternative rock to sound like. The addition of electronic keyboard elements elevate the sound of rock rather than take away from it. They revived the sound of modern alt rock with Broken Compass and it is only a preview of what’s to come.

Top Song: “The Wolf”

Preview the full album here: 


He-Is-Legend-Smoker-ScoffHe is Legend went on a five year hiatus before producing this album, so you know all that pent up creative energy was going to create something awesome, and it did. The one thing that sets He Is Legend apart are the southern elements and riffs in their songs and though these aren’t as heavy in Heavy Fruit, they are still present. The album overall has a more melodic feel than HIL fans are used to, but this allows their lyrics and wonderful storytelling abilities to shine. Honestly, you may feel like you are reading a fairytale when listening to HIL rather than listening to a rock band’s lyrics, but that is exactly why there are one of the best at producing unique, cohesive albums. Heavy Fruit is one of the best stories they’ve ever told and it’s definitely worth listening to.

Top Song: “Something, Something Witchy”

Preview the full album here: 



Sempiternal is well-known in the rock community as being one of the most pleasing albums from beginning to end, but it has become much more than just an award winning album, it has become the anthem of many people’s lives. BMTH is the best in the business at including haunting choral pieces into their works. The album has an eerie yet calming feel due to Oli Syke’s soul-piercing voice and the melodic, electronic elements they’ve added into their songs. Sempiternal made it into the top of this list due to it’s phenomenal lyrical content and the fact that there is literally not one bad song on the album.

Top Song: “Shadow Moses”

Preview the full album here: 


Coma_Ecliptic_cover_art_by_Between_the_Buried_and_MeWhen one listens to Coma Ecliptic, they should think of it as a collective whole, not on a song-song basis; It is meant to take you on a journey with a man who is in coma and comes into contact with many of his past lives. Though this album isn’t like their past, heavier albums that BTBAM fans scream for at concerts, it should not downplay their ability as a band to evolve into a more progressive sound. The main appeal of this album is that it feels almost dreamlike when you listen to it, but the minute you get cozy, another part will come in and slap you wide awake. So, you don’t exactly know which state of reality you are in, almost, surprise, suprise, like a coma. The guitar work in this album, as in almost every BTBAM album, is some of the best out there. They are meticulously brilliant, and as a result, their music is smartly composed and has some of the cleanest songs I’ve ever heard. Overall, BTBAM is at the top of this list because of their ability to not only show us their ability as musicians, but also their ability to tell us a story with their music, and Coma Ecliptic is a testament to that.

Top Song: “Memory Palace”

Preview the full album here:


letlive_1379262400The Blackest Beautiful has an authentic, raw quality, a production choice that was intentional by the band. This decision lead Letlive. to create one of the most beautifully done albums of all time. In regards to the production of the album, frontman, Jared Butler said in an interview with Fuse, “The records that we love and listen to all the time, a lot of those records were recorded with real microphones, recorded on first takes, recorded in a live setting. We’re living in an age where it’s more standard to hear these over-produced, quantized, autotuned…I mean the list goes on about how records are being made now digitally. We tried our hardest to make a record that was honest to us, as a band, as musicians. When we were mixing it and mastering it, we took an analog route…when we heard the test mix, it spoke to us and made us feel something.” They made not only themselves feel something, they also make everyone else who listens to the album feel something. It’s a rare quality for a band to make us feel something these days. Music is much more than just a bunch of appeasing sounds to our ears, it is also carries emotion. Letlive.’s music may sound chaotic to a first-time listener, but once you listen hard to The Blackest Beautiful, you will realize that there is a method to their madness and it’s beautiful. They are the next best thing since The Chariot and those are some large shoes to fill.

Top Song: Banshee (Ghost Fame)”

Preview the full album here:



Though The Chariot is a thing of the past, they are still very relevant in the minds of those who love them. There won’t ever be a band quite like them. They bleed utter chaos, but still manage to remain harmonious and collected. Their final album, One Wing, shows just how wonderfully they can pull of this juxtaposition. Perhaps the biggest difference between the Chariot and other bands is that they aren’t afraid to play with untraditional rock sounds. For instance, their song, “First” contains western elements and as I’ve said before, it is the first, and only song that will ever make me say the phrase “Yeehaw!” and that is saying A LOT. This band will make you do a lot of things you never knew your were capable of, mainly things like wanting to randomly scream, “This is awesome” or just wanting to start running around for no apparent reason. They are full of energy and passion, two things that make a truly great album in the various genres of rock. The Chariot’s journey has come to an end, but One Wing is an album that will make you want to rock out to them forever. Plus, Josh Scogin’s singing can be compared to vocal emotion and pain virtually rips right off his vocal chords in this album. With all of that said, there is no question in my mind that the juxtaposition of poise and mayhem that is The Chariot’s, One Wing, is the number one album of the modern rock era. Trust me, I’ve been listening to this album for years and I still question how its possible that an album this good exists.

Top Song: “First”

Preview the full album here:

Let us know what your thoughts are about these albums. Other honorable mentions that are just as awesome: Found In Far Away Places (August Burns Red), Juggernaut: Alpha (Periphery),  They’re Only Chasing Safety (Underoath), and Is Survived By (Touche Amore).